D. W. Pasulka

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka is a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. She writes and teaches about the history of the Catholic tradition and new religious movements, particularly as they intersect with digital technologies. Her published work, on topics as varied as the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory to UFOs, to human potentials, has received international acclaim.

Dr. Pasulka contributes to a diverse range of media and her work can be found in Vice, Vox, Fox News, Tank, The Los Angeles Review of Books, among others. Her insights and perspectives have captured the attention of audiences not only through the written word but also through podcasts, and includes notable appearances on Vox Media’s Ezra Klein, Mysterious Universe, Coast to Coast, and Lex Fridman.

In collaboration with the Vatican Apostolic Archive (formerly, the Vatican Secret Archive), Dr. Pasulka leads the translation project of the canonization records of the revered saint, Joseph of Copertino, an Italian saint from the 17th Century. St. Copertino is known as the saint who levitated. Dr. Pasulka also consults for movies, television productions, and documentaries. She is the consulting producer for the forthcoming docuseries Encounters and is featured in the JJ Abrams docuseries UFO.

She’s spoken at the Guggenheim in New York City, universities, corporations, and conferences including SXSW, about technology, futurism, and the science behind self-help and “manifestation.”

Current work focuses on extraordinary human abilities and transformative creativity.

Pasulka approaches UFO believers with an open mind in her irresistible debut… lively character sketches bring the characters to life… Pasulka gives lively and entertaining insight into the curious study of UFOs.

Publisher’s Weekly’s starred review of American Cosmic


Between 2014 – 2018, Dr. Pasulka travelled to New Mexico, and then to Rome and Italy. She conducted research at the Vatican Archive and the Vatican Space Observatory (Specola Vaticana). She also travelled to New Mexico with two scientists to an “alleged” UFO crash site. She was there not as a believer, but as a scholar of belief systems. Her research findings at these iconic locations were published in her acclaimed book American Cosmic (Oxford University Press, 2019).

About D.W. Pasulka - Vatican research

Through her experiences working with extraordinary people in Rome and with scientists at the top of their fields, she learned about people with extraordinary abilities and creative talents. These talents enabled them to create game-changing technologies and live meaningful and interesting lives.

Currently Dr. Pasulka teaches about “protocols of transformation” and creativity, through publications, audiobooks, courses, and presentations. Her research is available through books, online courses, and workshop seminars. Her published essays are available for free on Academia.edu