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Beyond the Stars: Foundations UAP/UFOs

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UPDATE! Beyond the Stars: A Two Course Odyssey

Course Format:

  • We have curated a comprehensive collection of resources to enhance your learning experience, which includes:
  • Self-paced online sessions
  • Two or more live sessions (via Zoom) in each course
  • Videos and audio files with live and recorded interviews with researchers (guests in my previous UFO courses, plus new ones)
  • Readings are assigned but optional
  • As part of the course, we will be hosting two live sessions (maybe more!), each lasting 1.5 hours

Course 1: Foundations of UFO Studies   STARTS JUNE 24, 2024 (approximately seven hours plus two 1.5 hour live zoom sessions)

Introduction to UFO Phenomena

Session 1: Exploring UFO Phenomena

– A. The three research traditions

– B. Historical context and The Plurality of Worlds

– C. Understanding UFO terminology (UFO, UAP, USO, etc.)

– D. The Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Session 2: UFOs in Historical Context

– A. Tracing UFO phenomena in ancient civilizations

– B. Ancient texts and depictions

– C. Myths and legends involving UFOs

– D. Interpreting ancient data

Session 3: Roswell and Modern UFO Era

– A. Exploring the Roswell incident(s)

– B. Evolution (changes to) of witness testimonies

– C. Reviews/synopses of Roswell literature

– D. Cultural impact of Roswell

Session 4: Key Figures in UFO Research

– A. Carl Jung

– B. Jacques Vallee

– C. Other prominent ufologists and researchers, such as Karla Turner and John Keel

Session 5: Close Encounters

– A. Theoretical considerations

– B. Analysis of specific cases, like the Brockport NY flap and the Pascagoula incident and the “humanoid” cases of the 70s

– C. Cases in religious history

Session 6: Anomalous Effects

– A. Levitation in UFO events

– B. Historical and modern cases of levitation

– C. Cow mutilations and other strange effects

Session 7: Children and UFO Events

– A. Analysis of school sightings

– B. Historical sightings by children

– C. Psychological implications

Session 8: AI and Interdimensional Considerations

– A. NASA Historian’s Work on AI and ET

– B. Contemporary work (AI – ET Work-group)

– C. Levitation, AI, and the appearance of miraculous or supernatural effects


Beyond the Stars: Course Two

Course 2: Advanced Topics in UFO Studies  (Approximately six hours plus two live 1.5-hour sessions) STARTS AUGUST 15, 2024

Exploring Deeper Concepts and Current Trends

Session 1: Synchronicity and Coincidences

– A. Coincidences in religious events

– B. Coincidences in UFO events

– C. Theories of coincidences/synchronicities

Session 2: History of Space Programs and UFOs

– A. Jack Parsons and the American Space Program

– B. Tsiolkovsky and the Russian Space Program

– C. Russian and American Cosmists

Session 3: UFO Research Now and the Future

– A. NASA Space Historian’s Work on ET / AI

– B.  Evolving landscape of UFO studies, AI – ET Workgroup

– C. Speculations on the future of UFO research

FEB COURSE SOLD OUT / The Original Red Pill: Allegory of the Cave; The Gospels of Jesus

IN PERSON COURSE SOLD OUT. (Stay tuned for new online course offering)

We take a deep dive into canonical texts (Plato’s Republic, the Gospels of Jesus…) that deal with the question: why can’t humans get along? We will consider the solutions they offer. Are these texts still relevant today? Tentative answer: probably, and it depends on you.

Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary: History, Analyses, and Reflections

This online course is geared toward everyone, Catholic and non-Catholic, who is interested in the phenomenon known as the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, a truly global mystery. This class explores the earliest known documents (canonical and apocryphal) about the historical woman known as the mother of Jesus, to her appearances to an English woman in the eleventh century, to the most famous of the modern apparitions such as Fatima, Lourdes, and Garabandal. Dr. Pasulka draws from her more than forty years of knowledge about this specific, and extraordinary, topic.