Upcoming Courses (both online and Zoom courses)

From The Protocols Seminar: The Protocols of Success


Seminar series that addresses the techniques and strategies of high functioning and highly creative people, with emphasis on the contemporary scientific support of ancient practices that work.




Beyond the Stars: An Introduction to UFOs and UAPs

Based on Dr. Pasulka’s research into the UFO/UAP topic, this is a class that provides a historical overview of the topic and covers the major contemporary issues.

The course covers the history of the UFO (UAP) from ancient origins to recent developments, including the current “Disclosures” of the United States Congressional Hearings.

FEB COURSE SOLD OUT / The Original Red Pill: Allegory of the Cave; The Gospels of Jesus

IN PERSON COURSE SOLD OUT. (Stay tuned for new online course offering)

We take a deep dive into canonical texts (Plato’s Republic, the Gospels of Jesus…) that deal with the question: why can’t humans get along? We will consider the solutions they offer. Are these texts still relevant today? Tentative answer: probably, and it depends on you.

Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary: History, Analyses, and Reflections

This online course is geared toward everyone, Catholic and non-Catholic, who is interested in the phenomenon known as the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, a truly global mystery. This class explores the earliest known documents (canonical and apocryphal) about the historical woman known as the mother of Jesus, to her appearances to an English woman in the eleventh century, to the most famous of the modern apparitions such as Fatima, Lourdes, and Garabandal. Dr. Pasulka draws from her more than forty years of knowledge about this specific, and extraordinary, topic.